How to get to the conference

The conference will be held at the Park Drakino, Moscow region
Address: 142253, Moscow region, Serpukhov District, Park Drakino, hotel "Flight".
Phone: 8 (499) 391-04-65.

For the participants and guests of the conference will be held:
- Delivery by bus from Moscow to Drakino a day in advance;
- Return to Moscow after the conference;
- For hotel accommodation and Protvino "Protva" in the days of the conference will be organized shuttle-Drakino-Protvino Protvino.

You can also get to the venue yourself.

The first way: by car:

  1. Move to the south along the Warsaw highway, at the roundabout take the exit on the MKAD Simferopol highway (highway M2), drive through the signs for about the hundredth kilometer - 78.0 km
  2. Turn right to Serpukhov under the symbol "Donkey - Serpukhov" (after turning on Novinki).
  3. Continue moving along the Borisov highway - 5.7 km.
  4. Turn left at the intersection with the Voroshilov street and go straight - 1,3 km.
  5. After the bridge over the Nara river continue straight ahead on the Leninskogo Komsomola street - 2.9 km (while driving will bend to the left, near the hospital, then - one-way traffic past the Spartak Stadium).
  6. Turn left towards the Bolshevik village at the junction with the Chernyshevsky street (traffic light) and go straight - 5,0 km.
  7. Slight left before the monument "Tank" (T-34 tank on a pedestal), then - 1.5 kilometers straight and turn right to the Drakino airport. Or move along Simferopol highway (M2) before turning to Balabanovo (right) continue straight to the 'T' junction, turn on the Serpukhov (left), then straight to the city of Serpukhov, Protvino turn on (to the right, the third traffic light in town), then straight to the village Kalinovo, turn left before the monument "Tank" (tank T -34 on a pedestal), then - 1.5 kilometers straight and turn right to the Drakino airport.


The second way. By bus.

Moscow, metro station "Teply Stan" (bus station "Teply Stan" is located 50 m. From the metro station "Teply Stan" at Novoyasenevsky Ave., d. 4), Moscow-Tarusa bus to the stop "Aerodrome Drakino "(15 minutes after departure from Serpukhov).

Departure time from Moscow Arrival time to Park Drakino Days
09:10 11:10 Every day
12:55 15:55 Every day
17:10 19:10 Friday and Sunday
19:25 21:25 Friday and Sunday
20:10 22:10 Every day

Ticket cost ~ 175 rubles. Total travel time - about 2 hours.
Clarify the bus schedule, please call:
(495) 781-96-65 (bus station "Teply Stan", Moscow)
(48435) 2-51-02 (bus Tarusa)


The third way. By train, with one change.

Train Moscow-Serpukhov or Moscow-Tula with the Kursk railway station. Ticket cost about 200 rubles. The current schedule can be viewed here: Link to schedule
Further, from the train / railway station Serpukhov to Drakino Park can be reached by taxi (call by phone 8 (916) 266-30-00, trip cost 250 rubles) or by bus Serpukhov-Tarusa (the stop is 50 meters from the train / station, at the store "Eldorado". The cost of the ticket about 40 rubles) to stop "Aerodrome Drakino" (15 minutes after departure from Serpukhov).


Address for communication / Conference Secretariat

142281, Moscow region, Protvino, Zavodskoy Passage, 6,
GraphiCon2015 Secretariat Tel: (496) 774-47-61;
E-mail: (or communications through the site)
Conference website: